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 The Fundamentals of Life

No values, that is to say opinions, exist in the absence of life. In the matter of such a thing as an automatic switch, we might consider that the switch is capable of making a decision whether to be off or on. However, we must remember that the original decision that a switch was to be made, and that “off” and “on” could be accomplished and, indeed, the design of the switch itself depended entirely upon life quality.

In the field of mechanics we do not discover creativeness. We discover varying condition, varying arrangement, deterioration and destruction of one or another form, but we do not discover any alteration in quantity. Indeed, the entire science of physics is predicated upon the assumption of “conservation of energy,” which is to say that energy, itself, cannot be created or destroyed but can only alter its forms. To this we might add “conservation of space,” “conservation of matter” and “conservation of time.” None of these things are capable, in themselves, of altering. They are not capable of more than change of position or alteration of form.

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