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 The Fundamentals of Life

The physicist is very fond of demonstrating that the breaking of a vase does no more than alter the relative position of the particles and the form, and that the burning of a piece of coal does not change the basic particles of matter, since if you were to collect all the smoke, all the ash and the particles which radiated from the burning and weighed them you would have the same weight as before the coal was burned. In other words, the quantity of matter does not change and, as above, it does not create to itself or add to itself in any way.

Life, it has been adequately established, can, however, create. It can create particles and it can add to mass. The demonstration of this on a man is an easily accomplished thing and is quite conclusive. A process known as the Remedy of Havingness is capable of altering the weight of a man upwards of twenty to thirty-five pounds even though there is no change whatsoever in the diet or living habits of that person. In other words, the life which is in the body of the man, and which is actually the man, can, by a certain process, increase the amount of mass of this man.

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