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 The Fundamentals of Life

Another process known as Perfect Duplication can reverse this, and, again without change of diet or the living habits of a man, decrease the amount of mass of a man without the complications of heat or waste products being present. Thus, forthrightly and directly, in the same frame of reference as that used by the physicist, it is easily demonstrated that life does create mass and can cause mass to disappear.

As represented by an article in the Encyclopaedia Britannica, it was fairly well understood that the study of physics should have begun with an examination of the mind. This article, under the heading of time and space, states that as space and time are mental phenomena their proper delineation and study begins in the field of the mind. Nineteenth-century “mental sciences” were insufficiently schooled in science to comprehend this, and the physicist, unaware in general of such a fact, did not consider that his proper province was the mind. Thus a misunderstanding existed in the humanities and in the sciences where one was depending upon the other, and the result came about that neither knew his proper field of endeavor.

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